Head & shoulders above the rest

    • 17 &19” anti-glare screen
    • L.E.D backlight
    • Patent protected ‘Bodyfix’
    • Fully sunlight readable
    • Screen brightness up to 1,600 cd/ m²
    • Anti-tip secure exoskeleton frame
    • Integrated PC module
    • GPS based advertising and tracking
    • Own branding options
    • Inbuilt camera
    • Internet connectivity
  • Video dimensions:

    For full screen footage the ideal dimensions are 1280 x 1024 px ( which has an aspect ratio of 5:4).

    However if the video is 16:9 ratio, then the recommended sizes are: 1024 x 576px and 1280 x720px.

    25 frames per second.

    For full screen footage the ideal dimensions for your screens is : 1280 x 1024 px ( which has an aspect ratio of 5:4).

    Recommended compression settings from Adobe Media encoder: H.264.

    Pal - (dependant on your video size, so 1280 x 1024) Frame rate 25fps.

    Pixel aspect ratio; Square pix
    Profile: High
    level 4.2
    Bitrate; VBR 1 Pass
    target bitrate 8
    max bitrate 10
    Audio Codec: AAC-LC
    Channels: Stereo or Stereo + 5.1
    Sample rate 48 khz

    Video length:

    Max length per clip is 1minute 30 secs.

    Image formats:

    The player will display the popular web image formats listed below:

    GIF      PNG     JPEG

    Please note, animated GIFs are not supported.

    Own branding:

    Full rebrand OR branding on the screen surround, screen plate, chest plate.


    Wii, Playstation, iPad, PC, Smartphones, Tablets, Headphones, 3G, EPOS (voucher printing), Data Capture.

Capturing and rewarding attention, creating interactive experiences that ‘pull’ and measuring engagement are just a few things iWalker delivers.

We understand that it’s a busy and cluttered media landscape out there, so when it comes to reaching people in busy high footfall environments, standing out from the crowd is the greatest challenge.

iWalker is the world’s most advanced wearable digital media system, designed with the primary function of reaching and connecting display content with people, their mobiles and social worlds.

Using inbuilt GPS and digital signage, we deliver creative digital content where audiences are most receptive.


people move, so why shouldn’t media? it’s that simple.


iWalker provides the only roaming experiential digital signage solution that humanises the OOH media experience. Static formats provide visual only stimulation and at times this is lost in the hustle.

iWalker enhances the ‘pull’ sensory experience through powerful audio visual impact and crucial face to face value between the wearer of iWalker and the audience. The science tells us that people need to feel before they act. With this in mind, locate iWalkers at points of purchase and watch them influence, drive sales and entertain.

If iWalker is the delivery device, our software is the driver to engagement and measurement.

We provide:

1. Audience measurement (gender and 4 age group profiling reports for campaign analysis)

2. Location based advertising with GPS

3. SSBT Second Screen Bridging Software (connecting mobile to iWalker screens to drive instant rewards and promote social media sharing)

4. Interruptive security and emergency messaging to screen (NX1 security variant)


the iWalker is the sum of all its parts. no matter where or when your message needs delivered, iWalker gets the job done.

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