Unmissable Media

Innovative Digital Signage Technology

In an ever more connected world, don't wait for your audience to find you: Nomadix Media's pioneering products make creative content unmissable, where other media can't reach.

Our unique device and software solutions are created to capture attention, encourage interaction and deliver effective data. 

Eye-catching, engaging and endlessly adaptable, our revolutionary technologies make your content stand out from the crowd.



iWalker – Digital Media On The Move

We know that advertising messages don’t reach audiences as they once did. With consumer attention more fragmented than ever we came up with a solution. iWalker is a highly designed wearable digital media player that makes content unmissable and measureable, in any crowd.

There are numerous possibilities for marketing as well as trade-shows, shopping centres and experiential marketing events. Bring your brand to the people with iWalker.


iProjector – Outdoor Projection Freedom

Our portable lightweight iProjector powered by Halo content management software, gives users the freedom to quickly mobilise and project onto buildings or landmarks under the cover of darkness.

Beaming large scale visuals using laser and LED technology with sound, iProjector Halo delivers impact where other projectors can't reach. Bring your projections to life with iProjector


Halo Software

Our unique cloud-based digital signage software allows hassle free scheduling and realtime control by PC or mobile, from anywhere.

Discover gow Halo can make your message stand out from the crowd.

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