Frequently asked questions


With the full screen and audio output operating, you can expect three hours of usage from each battery, though you can hot-swap to a fresh belt-mounted battery without losing power. The control module also alerts you about battery health.

The screen automatically starts on power-up.

By operating via digital signage software, iWalker® allows content to be uploaded wirelessly; the system also refreshes approximately every minute.

Yes, you can access the digital signage dashboard and design your own screen layout, including motion or static images; you can even employ dynamic or RSS feeds for your display.

Digital signage is a content distribution platform that enables greater control of, and creative input to, the digital content you wish to convey on your choice of displays.

Yes, iWalker® uses an advanced sunlight-readable display.

Yes, it includes a powerful stereo sound system with intuitive volume and mute controls built into the control module in the frame.

No, it's not completely waterproof. It can certainly handle light showers, but standing in a downpour is not recommended for the equipment or your health.

For full screen footage the ideal dimensions are 1280 x 1024px (aspect ratio of 5:4).

Image formats: GIF*, PNG, JPEG *Please note, animated GIFs are not supported.

Optimal Resolution for static imagery: 72dpi

Video formats: MP4 with or without sound.

No, iWalker® was designed by leading expert engineers and based around the biomechanics of the human body; its combined frame and screen weight is less than 8kg.

Yes, you can lean forward and walk perfectly safely with iWalker®, just be mindful of low ceilings or doorways.

Yes, because we’ve used definitive studies on biomechanics from the University of Strathclyde, plus detailed design and engineering knowledge concerning wearable technology. The result is a patent-protected body frame that sits comfortably on the torso, with its weight spread evenly across the shoulders and the waist.

Of course! It's simple, we can come to you if you are within the UK.

If you are outwith the UK that's no problem at all, we can set up a SKYPE call and show you iWalker in action and how it can make media unmissable.

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We will consider requests to buy iWalker outside the UK. 


Up to 50 minutes, with hot swap capability.

It can project images up to 100ft in size in very low ambient light. Scale and clarity will be affected by surrounding light conditions and projection surface.

iProjector® offers HD movie quality.

Content is played from a variety of sources: wireless or direct plug and play options.

Sure, just keep the content as light and bright as possible, as dark colours weaken the presentation.

No, iProjector® only weighs approximately 15kg.

Yes, iProjector® has stereo hi-fi sound that packs a real punch.

Yes, we use a 2D mapping application that is great fun to use and creates great results too.

Its minimum height is 100 cm and its maximum adjustable height is 185 cm.

Video content: Movie - AVI (Divx 3x, 4x, 5x Xvid), MP4, ISO, IFO, DAT, MPG, VOB.

Music- MP3, OGG, Vorbis, WMA, AC3, PCM (WAV).

Picture- JPEG at 72dpi

We wouldn’t recommend it as the quality and focus of the projection will be compromised if the vehicle is moving. However, yes it is possible.

Of course! It's simple, we can come to you if you are within the UK.

Fear not if you are outwith the UK, we can set up a SKYPE call and show you iProjector in action and light up your message.

Book your free demo today.

Sure thing. We can sell iProjector outside the UK.