Gamify your message today

by Nomadix Media

Posted on July 07, 2017

Gamify your message today

Gamification, simply put, is an online marketing technique that encourages greater interaction with a service or product.

Gamification has been one of the biggest developments in not only the technology world but in marketing over the past decade. It creates an immersive experience for consumers, encouraging engagement with a brand or product.

Everybody loves playing games, irrespective of your age or the type of game it might be.

Being bombarded with a million marketing messages daily means that brands now have to fight to grab our attention. So in an attempt to break through the clutter, brands make use of gamification in their marketing messages as a way of engaging consumers in unforgettable interactive experiences.

Different ways your company can use gamification to get maximum return:


The game you are providing should reflect your product or service effectively. This is where your brand could be reflected through the design and build of the whole game. You want seamless integration and alignment so that when people play, their loyalty and performance is growing in a way that helps you move towards your shared goals.


Reward And Recognise. 

Rewards in gamification as a marketing tool take place through discounts and vouchers that are provided to those that interact with the game you have created. This helps in achieving higher footfall to your store, encouraging the purchase of your product or service, or driving instant revenue.


Make It Fun.

Social media is dynamic, ever-changing, and, at their best, just plain fascinating (pet pics notwithstanding). They’re vibrant social communities. You want to create the same kind of exciting dynamic with your gamification.

Companies should aim to make their gamification campaign exciting and dynamic. This encourages honest and fair competition and a sense of ownership and anticipation. Make it fun and you have the chance of creating happy customers who very likely will be future consumers. 

At NomadiX Media, we offer gamification services on our iWalker advertising screens that could engage your customers like never before. Contact us for more information.

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