Large-Scale Building Projections

by Nomadix Media

Posted on August 02, 2017

Large-Scale Building Projections


Let’s look at the traditional large scale projection, such as the infamous Gail Porter image which beamed across the Thames onto the Houses of Parliament in 1998 for FHM magazine. Take one of these projectors I’ve mentioned above and look at how we would use it for a 2D static or motion image projection on a building. Typically we require a van, generator and a 2 man team to mobilise and set up the equipment, the same method as it was years ago. The biggest problem and barrier nowadays is this;

Whilst the technology itself may be more powerful, the number of suitable projection buildings and landmark sites are in decline for various reasons (being illuminated, covered in giant posters etc.) and after years of repeated use by brands, they have simply lost their ‘WOW’ factor and attention grabbing appeal. However, the biggest issue today is not a lack of suitable buildings or landmarks - but the increased difficulty in positioning the vehicle and projector to obtain a clear line of sight towards the surface area. Battersea Power Station in London was always a popular target, easy to park at the other side of the Thames and a lovely big flat unlit surface to beam onto, things are not so straightforward nowadays.

When we are approached with a brief for a giant scale projection, the first thing we ask is: “What are you expecting to gain from the projection?” If it’s PR to make the news or get people talking, the answer is [if your absolutely honest] going to disappoint. Firstly, large scale projections onto the same buildings or landmarks that have been targeted for nearly 20 years are hardly going to make the news. The only exception to this would be something like the recent “Vote Leave campaign” where the message and locations selected to beam the message, cemented the core narrative…beaming “Take our borders back” onto the White Cliffs of Dover had a perfect fit within the visual itself….The perfect stunt you could say and this made it easier for the press like the BBC and Sky to engage with the projection stunt.

Now we have covered the issues with the technology, Our next blog will delve into the positioning problems of large scale projections and how we can solve these issues using iProjector.

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