How To Measure & Increase The Effectiveness of Building Projections.

by Nomadix Media

Posted on August 15, 2017

How To Measure & Increase The Effectiveness of Building Projections.


The effectiveness of a projection is no longer measured as it was all those years ago, no one consumes traditional media as it was before. People share moments immediately with friends & family and having this sharing capability powers the reach of any captured content. In other words, if a projection is placed in front of your target audience in an unusual way, there’s a greater chance of them engaging with the content with their mobile and sharing across social media. You can only achieve this by using our roaming projection technology - iProjector.

One thing we love about this technology is that it delivers a genuine experiential experience with its integrated sound system. We know that visual stimuli on its own can be very difficult in creating an experiential engagement, you need at least one other sense like sound or taste to harness emotional context.

Large scale projections used for standard outdoor projections are visual only… unless you add speakers and technical controls - iProjector has this all inbuilt.

While people become more tech-savvy, time-precious and increasingly sensitive to brand intrusion, we as experts in non-traditional media should always recommend the most appropriate use of projection technology that delivers the greatest impact and returns for the client. 

If you would like to use the power of roaming projectors to amplify your next campaign, contact us today.

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