Our Vision

Our vision

We believe in exciting, connected and interactive worlds where media and people are brought closer together by exciting technology that moves.


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Wearables offer media companies a huge frontier of relevance and immersive experiences, helping to engage audiences by providing the most relevant content.


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To realise our vision, we developed proprietary digital media systems such as iWalker® and iProjector®.

Our aim is to continually expand our expertise in distinctive wearable devices that display the wow factor in every sense; and to establish a global network of wearable ‘free to roam’ technologies that reach, interact and influence people who are looking for great experiences and greater rewards.

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Meet the team

Mark Evans

Mark Evans

Creator / CEO


Jacqueline McMillan

Jacqueline McMillan

Director of Partnerships


Mhairi McCowan

Mhairi McCowan



Angus Ross

Angus Ross

Technical and Content


Deborah Lang

Deborah Lang

Business Development




Investigator of Stuff


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