Beam Me Up NomadiX

by Nomadix Media

Posted on June 29, 2017

Beam Me Up NomadiX

Beaming brand messages

Using iProjector we can:

1. roam freely and interact directly with your audience on the move

2. beam scalable motion or static content onto buildings and landmarks, illuminating ordinary surfaces with rich content for astonishing results

3. offer audio capabilities to amplify the impact of your campaign

4. provide cutting edge visual effects and interactive experiences

5. beam your message up to 100ft to cut through the darkness in any urban setting.


iProjector can bring your brand message to life from only £495*, book now.


Try our brand new projection mapping service

Our new projection mapping application opens up a world of creative possibilities. We can map any number of structures in iProjector’s line of sight, to create amazing unforgettable visual campaigns.

If you are interested in discussing a mapping project, contact us today.






*excluding haulage

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