Building Projections: Positioning Problems

by Nomadix Media

Posted on August 08, 2017

Building Projections: Positioning Problems


I’ve mentioned previously that the positioning and parking of vans and support vehicles to get the best beam position (ideally straight on) to the targeted surface is a growing problem. Try amplifying this problem x100 with the current UK terror threat. Ten years ago, if someone asked us to beam onto the Houses of Parliament just off Westminster Bridge, we would have said: “Sure, no problem”. Now, if you park a van anywhere near an iconic London building and slide a side door open before switching on a large black electronic box, you’ll be lit up by red dots and promptly slammed to the floor with your arms in cable ties. This stands for most cities and key landmarks under the current UK security threat level, don't let anyone tell you otherwise…I guess it’s one way to get some press exposure (every cloud and all that) but I’m not sure how the client would respond to a news article with the projection team lying face down in the ground surrounded by SO19, as positive PR.

My point here is simple: large scale projections have a place, albeit a declining role in effective guerrilla marketing, ambient media, and PR. Yes, they can provide a nice warm fuzzy feel factor for the client when they see their brand or message on the side of a well-known building, however, they are less likely to spot any exposure in the media or even talked about online, which is surely the whole point of marketing. What you will find today is that most of the landmarks are too illuminated to beam onto, the areas that are in the dark are so far away from any relevant traffic or footfall, that what you will end up with is a nice picture for the client with little or no relevant marketing purpose or results. Some might claim that these pictures could be used for posting on the likes of Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to followers and yes this can happen if you ensure you have the right photographer and settings (be wary of the Photoshop altered image) but let’s face it, we’ve all seen these locations used a million times by multiple brands, so you’re hardly going to work your fans into a frenzied excitement or receive any credible word of mouth are you?

What you need to do is reach your target audience. Especially in today's society when no one is consuming traditional media as it was before.

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